Live Bee Removal in Winchester, CA

Seeing large gatherings of bees or hearing a new buzz around your home can only mean one thing: a hive has found its way onto your property. While a bee swarm may stress you out, there’s no need to worry. Bee Removal Pros is expertly equipped with the right tools and knowledge to extract them from your Winchester home. Call your professional Riverside County local service today!

Why Remove Bees?

Bees can be wonderful creatures, but they have no regard for your personal space or the health of your property. The hive on or around your house could lead to stings or even damage to your home. Worst case scenario, they find a hole in your walls and build a hive. Removing them quickly is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Bee Removal Pros in Winchester CA

Live Hive Removal And Relocation

While bees are known for their sting, they are, first and foremost, pollinators. Fruits and flowers require them to grow, so outright exterminating their hive is the wrong choice. These pollinators are also endangered, so killing part of their population will harm more than it helps.

With Bee Removal Pros, you can keep the bees alive and remove them from your property. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly company; part of that is saving every bee we can and making sure they can still do their job. Once the live removal is complete, we relocate the hive to nearby apiaries and beekeepers so they can do their job better than they would in your yard.

Hornet And Wasp Removal

Bees aren’t the only buzzing pollinators that can stress you out by being near your home. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets can all create hives around your home and can be even more annoying than their honey-making counterparts. Their stingers are straight rather than hooked, meaning they can sting you multiple times without dying. Not only that but wasps and hornets tend to be a lot more aggressive as well.

The last thing you want is for the wasp nest to be on your property for longer than it needs to be. Our expert team doesn’t just limit our services to the nicer pollinators. We can handle any wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket nest on your property. If it has wings and stings, leave it to the pros!

Bee Proofing

Once the bees are off your property, the last thing you’d want is for them to return. You paid to remove them, so they should stay off your property for good. Our team is well-versed in bee control and proofing techniques that will keep swarms off your Winchester property. We also search your house for any holes or cracks in the wall where bees could come through.

Same-Day Live Bee Removal Service For Your Winchester, CA Home

The last thing you’d want is for the bees to make your property their permanent home. That is why we offer same-day service. Our team understands that the stress that a hive can overwhelm you, and no one should have to deal with that. Whether you need bee control services, wasp removal, or live removal services, the pros have your back. Call our office today so you can get this weight off your shoulders as fast as possible!

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