Bee Removal in Fallbrook

Fallbrook is known for its gorgeous, forested landscape and its beautiful homes. With the large number of trees in the area and the warm San Diego County weather, bees have more opportunities to create hives on your property or in nearby areas.

Hearing a lot of buzzing on your property means you likely have a hive nearby. In this situation, you should not take down the hive yourself without proper tools or knowledge. Doing this will lead to unnecessary damage to your property or, in the worst cases, could lead to you getting hurt.

In any case, you do not need to worry! Bee Removal Pros can get to your Fallbrook home within the same day you call. Our team of experts has all the necessary tools and training to get the hive humanely removed so that both you and the bees can continue to prosper in peace. Call our office today to receive same-day service!

Live Bee Hive Removal in Fallbrook

Just because they can cause property damage does not mean these happy little pollinators should be wiped out. Bees serve an integral role in the local ecosystem, and they are an endangered species. As such, saving every one of them is crucial. That is why Bee Removal Pros offers live swarm removal services.

Live humane bee removal is when we smoke out the hive, saving every bee’s life. We also recover as much of the original hive as possible so the pollinators still feel at home wherever they go after they are taken from your property. This service is something our team is incredibly proud to offer. Allow us to help both you and the bees at the same time!


These insects are essential to their ecosystem because they pollinate many different plants. Once our team comes in and removes them, we must move the hive to a place where they can continue to do their job far away from any Fallbrook property. Our company does just this, placing saved hives at local apiaries.

Bee Proofing

The last thing you want is another swarm to return quickly after the first one leaves. Our team can also pre-emptively protect against future swarms finding your property. We also plug any cracks or holes in your walls where these pollinators could crawl inside, protecting against bees getting into your walls and ruining the structural integrity of your home. Call our office today for the best service that ensures your Fallbrook home will not get reoccurring infestations!

Same Day Hive Removal Service In Fallbrook, California

Your Fallbrook home deserves the best possible live bee removal service, and the hive itself deserves to be treated well rather than killed off. Your comfort is highly prioritized, but so is protecting these endangered pollinators.

For the best of both worlds, call the pros! Our professional team can give your home the immediate solution it needs and provide pollinators with a new home that is much better for them. We can also deal with any wasps, yellowjackets, or any other pollinator interrupting your peace. If it has wings and stings, call the pros!

You should not waste your precious time worrying about the hive on your property. We offer a same-day estimate, inspection, and service so you can go back to enjoying your Fallbrook property without worrying. Call us at our office today!

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