Menifee Bee Removal

During the warmer seasons of spring and summer, hearing the buzz of bees near your home is normal. When you see a swarm collecting on or near your property, however, you have a problem. You have an infestation. If you try to remove the hive yourself, it can be a pain. The best way to deal with a swarm is to call professional bee removal experts, so you don’t get stung. Our friendly team will get the problem dealt with the same day you call. 

Our bee removal experts can remove any pests buzzing around your property. Our professional team offers same-day services for live bee removal in Menifee. You don’t need to worry about the hive in your yard. Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting!

Bee Removal Pros Menifee

Live Removal And Relocation Service

The decline in bee population is sad to see. These pollinating insects play a massive role in keeping the ecosystem healthy by pollinating flowers and creating honey. Our team does our part in saving the bees by offering a live, humane bee removal service.

We set ourselves apart our competition by making sure the bees infesting your home are relocated in a humane and safe way. These helpful, but endangered pollinators keep our fruits growing. Honeybees are an important part of the local ecosystem, but they don’t need to live on your property to do their job. We have the experience necessary to remove them safely, keeping the bees alive and the honeycomb intact.

Once the hives are removed from your property, the hive is moved to nearby land where the bees can pollinate without disturbing anyone. We place them nearby open fields, fruit trees, and flower fields so they can continue to do their jobs and make honey. This way, they are still able to thrive while not bothering you at home.  

Wasp Control

Wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets can also be issues when they choose to live in the same area you do. They can also be a bigger problem, as these pests can sting more than once. Our team is well versed in all kinds of hive removal, including hornets and wasps in your yard or on your house. 

Bee Proofing

Once you get the bees off your property, you wouldn’t want them to find their way back.  Luckily, when our experts reach your home, they can make sure the hive won’t return. We fill any holes or cracks in your house and make sure your yard is clear, ensuring they don’t find their way into your home or back onto your property. 

Same Day Service

Our team is known for its quick and effective service.  Your bee problem needs an immediate solution, and we’re the people to call.  Our removal experts will be out to take the hive from your property within the day.  Give us a call and we can give you a free inspection for your Menifee home!

Hives in your yard are an inconvenience you shouldn’t have to deal with. Bee Removal Pros offers an environmentally friendly and safe solution for your problem. We remove and relocate the bees to a place where they are still able to benefit the environment. Call us today to get your free estimate and same-day service!

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