Escondido Bee Removal

A swarm of bees near your Escondido home is something no one wants to see. Seeing this usually means one of two things: you have a hive on your property, or a group of these pollinators is looking to move in. Either way, this is a recipe for disaster. Not only will they add unnecessary stress to your life, but they could also manage to find their way into the walls of your home.

For a fast removal service that will last, look no further than Bee Removal Pros! We know how important safety is. Performing the removal yourself without proper tools or training could cause damage to your property, and you may leave with more stings than you bargained for. Let our professional bee removal service team handle this issue for you. Call our office today!

Live Removal And Relocation

As much stress as they can cause any homeowner, they aren’t trying to bring strife into your life. These helpful little pollinators are just trying to do their job and create honey while helping fruit grow. This is integral to any local ecosystem, so outright killing them is the worst possible solution. That is why our expert team performs live bee removals.

Live removals mean that the hive is removed humanely without killing any bees. This ensures that this endangered population is not affected more than they already are. Not only that, but our experts will also relocate them to a place where they will be happier and more helpful.

Once the hive is removed from your home, we take them to local beekeepers or orchards so they can do their job better without buzzing around your head all day. We pride ourselves on being a green company, so let us do our part by helping you and the bees. Call us today!

Bee Removal Service in Escondido

Bee Proofing Your Escondido Home

The last thing you’d want in your home is for the swarm to return or, even worse, have the hive find its way into your home. Our team takes preventative action against both of these things. We survey your home and ensure there are no cracks or openings through which they can find their way into your walls. If we find any cracks, we will patch them up.

Hornet And Wasp Removal

Like it or not, bees aren’t the only pollinator around. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets can pose more of a threat to you and anyone else living in your home. However, these pollinators are much worse since they sting more than once. This is because of their stingers.

Bees have curved stingers that get pulled out when they sting you, and wasps and hornets have straight stingers that don’t fall out when they sting. That is why it is important to get any wasp nest off your property as quickly as possible. Our expert team can remove these nasty pests from your property. If it has wings and stings, leave it to the pros!

Need A Bee Removal Service At Your House Today?

Our team prides itself on our quick service. Any hive near your home is a stress that you do not need, and removing them yourself is a dangerous risk you don’t need to take. Our live removal service can be at your Escondido home within the same day you call. Don’t stress over the buzz in your yard for longer than you have to. Call Bee Removal Pros today for a same-day service that will keep the swarm off your property for good!

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