Steps To Prevent Bee Infestations and Protect Your Home

Seeing a bee in your yard now and again can be a lovely sign that your garden is thriving. Your plants are pollinated, while the bee receives food for their hive, and no harm is done to you or your property. Hearing a humming or buzzing coming from nearby plants is a natural thing, as pollen collection is necessary for these pollinators to make food. This can easily be mistaken for having a beehive. However, when you notice an increasing number of them buzzing around your business or home, you could have a growing problem. 

Seeing dead bees around your property is a clear sign that there is an established beehive somewhere nearby. Increased bee activity could indicate that a swarm is preparing to create a hive on your property, or they may have already begun building one.

How to prevent this issue before it arises is a question many homeowners can struggle to answer. Few people know how to dissuade bees from making a home on their property. You may think getting rid of your flowers is the answer, but doing this will make your yard less enjoyable for your family. This also does not consider that some flowers repel swarms. There are many ways to make your property look unappealing to the swarm. We go through some of these methods below.


Bees rely on their senses just as much as humans do, and there are ways to use this to your advantage when you want to keep them off your property. The most effective scents and plants that repel bees from your property are garlic, mint, eucalyptus, and citronella. By growing these plants around your home, you can help dissuade swarms from trying to make your property their permanent residence. 

Yard Clutter

When bees are looking for a new spot to call home, they are looking for something isolated and quiet. Overturned pots or unused wood piles are prime real estate for these pollinators. Inspecting your yard for potential hive locations and removing them as options is a great way to prevent swarms from making a permanent home out of your space.

Removing Existing Hives

Suppose you have suffered from an infestation recently. In that case, removing the old hive is very important if needed. Bees use pheromones regularly for communication, and they also put these pheromones in their hives. If your hive still has a honeycomb inside, it can attract foraging honeybees from other colonies trying to rob honey from the abandoned hive. It also leaves the potential for a new queen and their swarms to revisit your property. Removing these old hives is better left to the professionals.

These insects can make their way through gaps, cracks, or holes as small as 1/8 of an inch. This allows them to enter your attic, vents, walls, or even the chimney of your home. Defending against this sort of infestation is a long process. Keep in mind bees and create a beehive anywhere they feel safe. They can even create hives in valve box boxes and shed floors. 

Bee-proofing your home is a labor-intensive and challenging process that can prove dangerous if a swarm has already started to move in. It takes a skilled eye to spot every hole a bee can crawl into. That’s why Bee Removal Pros doesn’t just offer live hive removal, we also offer professional bee-proofing services! Let our team do the hard part to ensure your home has the defense needed to stop the swarm before it infests your home. Our team offers same-day services, so you don’t have to wait. Call our office today to protect your property!

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