Bee Swarm Removal And Hive Relocation

Finding a hive of thousands of honeybees hanging from a tree in your yard and flying around everywhere is frightening and unnerving, especially for people untrained in bee removal. Attempting to remove the bees on your own without proper training or tools will cause the bees to fight back and injure you. It may also cause damage to your property.

While removing the bees from your property is priority number one, the safety of the bees is also important. These endangered pollinators serve a key role in the ecosystem. Keeping them around is important to keep the population high. To help with this, Bee Removal Pros relocates the beehives to safe locations where they can continue to pollinate without bothering you and your neighbors. This way they will be able to continue to pollinate, colonize, and thrive. Call our expert team today so we can help solve your problem and help the planet!

Bee Swarms Near Your Property

Bee Swarm Near Home

Hearing a lot of buzzing near your home is never a good thing. Even worse is spotting a swarm hanging out on your property. These swarms consist of anywhere between 5,000 and 20,000 bees, and a third of them are scouts. The main goal of a swarm is to expand for the bees to establish new colonies. 

Spotting a swarm near your property means you are at risk for a bee infestation. Bees are quick to occupy a structure, so taking action early on is the best way to ensure that they are staying out of your walls. Normal swarming season for honeybees starts in March and doesn’t end until early June, but can last into late fall in Southern California because of the warm weather. Keep your eye out for bee swarms and call Bee Removal Pros if you see a hive start to form!

Why Call Bee Relocation Services?

Bee Swarm Removal Services

Discovering a swarm trying to form a colony near your home, property, or business is something no one expects. This is alarming and too close for comfort for most people. 

Attempting to remove a swarm by yourself is very dangerous! It only takes less than two months for the bees to construct a fully established hive and getting them to move is a very difficult process. As soon as the colony is moved in, they will become defensive of their hive. It is extremely important to fix this problem before they have a permanent residence set up. Even if they seem docile from afar, getting too close will cause them to fight back.

Removing a swarm from your property is not something someone should do without proper tools and equipment. Our experts have the right equipment do the job safely.

Swarm Clusters

Swarm clusters refer to the part of the colony that is not out actively searching for a new area to set up in. These are large amounts of bees that are sitting on the ground, not actively flying or doing much. Once the scouts discover a place to set up a permanent residence, the cluster will fly away to meet their colony in the new location.

These clusters pose a risk for you because they mark that a new hive is going to pop up nearby, potentially on your property. Even if they do not, they still leave behind small amounts of beeswax that other clusters or scouts may come back to in the future. To get rid of these clusters before they become a problem for the future, call our expert team to clear them out for you. 

Our Bee Removal Procedure

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Our expert team prides itself on its ability to get the swarm off your property quickly and effectively. We want to assure that the pollinators are removed cleanly before they make a permanent residence there. Our process looks like this:

  • Scout out the swarm.
  • Smoke the bees so they are calm.
  • Carefully move the bees into a safe transportation box.
  • Neutralize the bee pheromone.
  • Bee proof your home so that bees won’t be able to get into your walls.
  • Transport the colony to their new home!

When you need a bee removal service that can handle any hive effectively and within the day you call, Bee Removal Pros is the business for you! Call our office for same-day service!

Yellow Jacket & Wasp Removal

Wasp and Yellow Jacket Removal Services

Even worse than seeing a swarm of bees on your property is spotting yellow jackets or wasps around your home. These pests set themselves apart because of their ability to sting more than once without dying.

They also do not swarm unless they cannot get back into their nest, so there is likely one near to your house. Luckily, our expert team can also help with any wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket nest on your property. If it has wings and stings, call the pros!

Need Same-Day Service?

Our expert team prides itself on being able to deliver results on the same day you call. It is important to nip the swarm in the bud before it becomes a much larger issue that you have to deal with. We also help the bees by helping them find a more suitable place to set up shop so they can continue to do the important job they need to. Call our office today so that you do not have to stress over the swarm anymore!


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